Wednesday, November 10, 2010

giving thanks where thanks are due...

I was laying bed this morning thinking of things I am thankful for. Some of the things surprised me...

laugh lines...they mean I have, at some point in time, laughed long and hard.

clothes that are too tight...they mean I have enjoyed delicious food

sink full of dirty dishes...they mean I have enjoyed some more delicious food with people I love

a cancelled appointment...that means I have a little bit of extra time to take care of things God has blessed me with (nice way to say 'clean the house')

a box of tissues...they wipe away tears that I cry. Crying is not as bad as someone may think. Pay attention to your tears...they tell you what's in your heart.

a computer that has crashed...this made me realize I don't need my computer as much as I thought I did (although a new one would be nice)

being 42...this means I have been through enough stuff to realize God has not brought me this far to let me go

paperwork, red tape, home study, etc. ... this means one day soon I will be a mom to a little girl I love so deeply now I can hardly believe it

cold spite of the dry skin and constant chill in my bones, cold weather is still the best weather to cuddle with my man in

During this season of thanks, why not stop and take a moment to list of few things you are thankful for and may be surprised at what you find out! Don't be surprised if you find that silver lining. It's always there...sometimes it's hidden...but it's always there.

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