Wednesday, December 22, 2010


We lost our beloved cat, Martie, while we were in Maine this past weekend. My dad was with her when she passed. Martie had been with me 18 years. She was born in my bedroom closet and never knew what dirt was...unless of course it was found on the floors...which was quite often. She was an unusual cat...she didn't like to be held...she was a finicky eater...she loved iced tea in a paper cup...she loved to lick Christmas bows...would fuss until we made up the bed so she could lay on the pillows...detested the day we brought Mattie home and tolerated her until she passed 13 years later...loved to be fuzzy and warm on a comfy blanket and would choose me over Darren most every night. She would run to meet us at the door most days until right here lately when it became too hard for her to hear us come in. At night she would sit on the ottoman and fuss at us until we sat down with her to watch tv. Two weeks ago we thought she was going to was a Sunday night and I stayed home with her. She perked up a little bit Monday and then Tuesday was a rough day. I spent a lot of time with her that day telling her it was ok and that I loved her dearly. She perked up a little bit on Wednesday and by the time it was time for us to leave for the wedding, we thought she would be ok. That was the day it snowed and we barely made it to the airport on time...but we did and that was the last day I saw her. Some have told me she may have waited for us to leave before she went on....maybe so. All I know is that this house seems so empty without her and every time I walk in the door I want to call for her. Losing a pet hurts like crazy. And only those of you that are pet lovers will even begin to understand what we are feeling. Thank the Lord He cares about my broken heart over Martie. He's helping us through this and in two weeks I'll have her back home for good. She's being cremated and for some odd reason knowing I'll have her back home is such a comfort to us both.

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