Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Christmas!

And we still have not been assigned an officer. My dream of being dtc by the end of the year is over. We call USCIS about every three or four days to check on our status and they keep telling us they are just very busy and are assigning officers in the order the applications came in. So, we wait. And honestly, God has given me the grace to wait. Amazing, huh? Now, that's not to be misunderstood...I still yearn to get this stuff done, but I know without a doubt in my heart that when we face the delays that are out of our hands, they are crafted by His hands. So for now I will wait somewhat patiently with the grace God is giving me on a daily, hourly, sometimes minutely basis. He is so good to wonder I call Him Lord.


  1. Margy,

    I'm sorry that you haven't been assigned an Officer yet. But your a great example of not being anxious in all this ups and downs. I hope you have a precious Christmas, your last as a couple, your last quiet not being shaken up at 4 am Christmas. Too me that makes 'it' seem so close ~ ForeverFamily Day

    sending you love and prayers this week,

  2. Hi Margy,
    I've been following your blog because our timelines are so similar. We walked in and got our fingerprints on 11/22 and as of 2 days ago, we hadn't been assigned an officer either... :(

    Hoping for that I797 soon!