Thursday, December 23, 2010


Stands for Wonderful Officer Wilson. She is the officer who has been assigned to our case and she is, well...wonderful! Our SW called me this morning and said Officer Wilson had already called her to get the ball rolling. Darren is faxing info to our SW this afternoon for the child abuse registry evidence. Anne, our SW, told me that they are working hard to have a quick turnaround for Hague Adoptions and she thinks she may have the results next week sometime. We'll see. As far as the fingerprints go, I called OW today and asked her if I could just go on up and walk in again. She said to try it. Maybe Monday if we're not snowed in! I asked her what I could do to help my prints show up and she told me to get some corn huskers lotion! Who would've thought?! I told her I washed my hands before having them done and she laughed and said that doesn't help. So no antibacterial lotions for me the next couple of days....hmmm...I'm already having withdrawals! She told me as soon as I have them done to call her and she would speed things up for us. WOW!

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