Monday, January 10, 2011

Is This How God Feels?

I have a vivid imagination. I always have. It gets me in trouble sometimes, but in this's a blessing. This morning I was thinking about her...the little girl we imagine having in our arms. Such love for her overwhlems's so hard to explain. I whispered to Jesus...I can't wait to hold her. And almost immediately I felt Him say....that's how I feel about you. That started an influx of thoughts and emotions about my Abba Father that touched me deeply. I've never known what it was like to love a child until I was pregnant. When I miscarried I grieved so hard. And now, a couple of years later, here we are, pregnant again in a different way, but the love is no different than before. In fact, it gets stronger with each passing day. Could this be just a glimmer...a little glimpse into the way God loves us? If so, I pray God will allow me to dig deeper and understand His love for me in such a way that thrills me, stuns me, and carries me through this life until He's got me in His arms. The love of glorious...and truly, I'm only just beginning to scratch the surface...

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