Thursday, January 13, 2011

What This Approval Means...

In the lives of pre adoptive parents who are adopting internationally, approval from USCIS is a must have. USCIS gives us permission to adopt from the country we have chosen. So, without this, we would not be going to China. So, when I say this is is huge, I really mean it. Without this, nothing would be happening. So, happy dance again!

A lot of people have been asking me, "what happens next?" Yes...still a lot more to do...but I don't mind...we are so close to being DTC (dossier to China) that I welcome this part. This is the place we have dreamed about being at since last April when we learned what a dossier was. Had no clue that even existed!'s the breakdown...

Once we get i800a approval in the mail (it's called the 797c form), we make a copy (keep original) and take the copy and 6 other documents we have left and get them notarized, certified and then send them to DC for authentication.

Then, we take all 14 docs(8 have already been sealed) and make copies of them and send them to Xiaoqing, our China Co-Ordinator at BAAS, our adoption agency. She'll look it over and when she sees everything looks good (I hope!), she'll ship it to CCAA in China and we wait for our log in date.

Once we get our log in date, we are available to be matched. This could take 3-6 months.

Once we are matched, there will be more steps and more paperwork, so I'll share that a little later on when we get closer to that point.

Darren and I will be matched with a little girl from what is called "the shared list". This list is sent out about once a month and it contains the files of special need children available for adoption. Agencies lock the files of these children when they find one that matches what specific special needs a pre adoptive parent has listed. A new shared list comes out January 18, so we will not be logged in in time for this batch. But maybe, just maybe we will be logged in for February's batch. Again, there is a strong possibility we will not be matched in the first month, but there is a chance! This is just so exciting! Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement! We are getting so close now! I think I might understand what it must feel like to be in the third trimester of a pregnancy! I'm ready to have this baby!


  1. Congratulations Margy! Wonderful news!! We were there not that long ago, I know exactly how you feel :-)

  2. Another step completed!! Praying that you will be matched with a precious bundle of joy this next shared list. Just to let you know.....we were matched before we were DTC ;-)