Saturday, March 26, 2011

i love

our agency! we talked yesterday and it was a cool drink of water for me. she is doing all she can to get us to our girl and i am so thakful for all the work she is doing. the bottom line is this...the lists are small. there are so many families waiting to get matched that when the list comes out it is a competitive frenzy to lock files with minor special needs. i read where the list has gone from 600-700 babies each month to 200. and only a handfull of those 200 are minor special needs. i have been seeking God diligently over this. i have prayed and asked if we needed to consider more serious special needs...there are some we are praying about, some of the needs are so we have expanded our list. we have looked at files of boys, and i just can't get beyond the Bible verse God gave me early on in the process in Ezekial. Friend, if He had not given me that verse, I would be so unsure right now. But praise be to Him...He knew I'd need that assurance later on in my journey. He is SOOOO good!!! so for now, we wait. i don't know how long it will take. i'm so ready to go to china and bring her back home...but God has said to wait and that is what we are going to do. and i am determined to wait with joy. TD Jakes said it best the other day...he said our joy should not be in our kids, our job, our house, not in anything other the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ. He is SURE...He is STABLE, He is a strong tower and refuge...and the best drink of cool water to a mighty thirsty soul. i'm weak, friend. there are times i cry and i long just to hold her. but when i'm weak, that's when He is strong and that joy comes bubbling up from out of no where. Who wouldn't love a Savior like that???!


  1. to read your desire and feel your longing is priceless margy. you are such an example of a faith i strive for! just remember the longer you wait, the more you will appreciate your special gift. He has perfect still is so hard to understand though. i love you and know that i continue to pray for your journey!!!

    pam mclemore

  2. Your posts are such a reflection of how I feel myself. It is hard for me to find someone that understands how I feel. I wish we lived closer to each other, so we could support each other in person!

  3. We prayed about adding to our list of special needs and the next month we were matched with a precious little boy with a very, minor special need!
    Hang in there....I promise you will see how God was working during the entire wait and adoption! It's a blessing :-) and God is GOOD!

    Kasie B.
    waiting on TA :-)!!!!!