Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I was at my Mom and Dad's when I got the update via email. I screamed so loud I scared my Dad. It was an update on our little girl and I was soooooo thrilled! Our IA doctor had requested some pictures of Sophia and had several questions, and we sent them right after we had sent our LOI. The update had 5 new pictures and said that she was developing well, she waves goodbye and understands the meaning of no. She loves to play games and can say Ma-Ma (yes, I squealed with delight when I read that!). She picks up crackers and feeds herself, she loves to smile and is very lovely (their words, not mine!). As any pre-adoptive parent will tell you, updates while you wait are gifts from Heaven! Boy were they right...I've been on cloud nine ever since we got that update. What a blessing to see her so happy and healthy. In one of the pictures, you can see Minnie and Mickey Mouse on the wall of the orphanage. Need I say anymore? I will only add this...the Good Lord has already started preapring her for Disney!

We are on day 28 of our LOA wait. There's no telling how long it will take. I've read where people have recently been waiting for upwards of 70 days... I didn't pray for patience did I???


  1. What a wonderful pre-birthday gift to u more information and pictures of your beautiful daughter, Sophia. Happy birthday to a beautiful lady, with a pretty smile and a song in her heart. love you girl!!

  2. The earliest picture of Lydia we have, she has a Mickey sheet behind her. These girls are clearly in the right families. :) So glad to hear you got such a fun update. Where are the pictures? Come on, Mom, show her off!