Monday, November 21, 2011

Sophia Nuan Li

I've given birth. She weighs 26 lbs and is 31 inches long...a big one! I couldn't do it had to be done supernaturally. And yes, I did have some drugs to help ease the pain...I'm not superwoman! I'm already losing the baby weight and I'm not even breast feeding. I can't sleep because I want to make sure she's breathing. I've heard all new mothers are like that too. I can't stop kissing her, holding her and telling her how much I love her. When she looks into my heart melts and I wonder how on earth I ever lived a moment without her.

I see Jesus in her. When I sang "Jesus Loves the Little Children" to her earlier today, she looked at me so intently and then raised her little hands in the air. Tonight before we went to bed, we folded our hands in prayer and she, on her own, folded her little hands too...just like in the picture we've stared at a million times.

Today I have witnessed a miracle. A beautiful, orphaned girl an orphan no more. Grafted into our family. A great big family of people who love her with such love it can only come from our Father. Today at 2:30 Nuan Nuan walked through the doors of the government affairs building alone. She walked out in the arms of a daddy who will always be there for her and a mommy that would die for her.. And I can't help but to think...THAT IS HOW HE FEELS ABOUT US. Our Abba Father loving us so much that He did just that through His Son. He died for us...the orphans. The ones who had no hope, no future and so utterly alone. He came and grafted us into His family and we are never, ever alone again. For God so loved...
How can we not love Him in return?


  1. Beautiful! Congrats! And, can't wait to see pictures!

  2. All I could think about was how she has no idea all that lies in store for her - the same way we are when we are "adopted" into God's family - we have no idea how much our Heavenly Father wants to give us good things and love on us all the time…I'm so thankful for adoption!!!!!!!! Both kinds!!!!!

  3. Crying tears of joy for you and her and the beauty of it all!

  4. awe...wonderful momma
    tammyhope (rq)

  5. RQ friend here! Can't wait to see pics and how beautifully you put how Jesus feels about us into words! That is the EXACT reason we chose to adopt! It's a God thing and if people can't see that, I am sad for them!!! God is our Abba Father and DID die for us! Adoption, whether on earth or heavenly, is a beautiful picture and we are all so blessed to have it. 1st-by God and 2nd here on earth! Congrats on your little girl! I know she's beautiful!!!

  6. What a wonderful story...and what comes it so wonderful is ...that it came TRUE! LOVE every word and cant wait to hear more! God bless your new little family! Love, Rita! ♥