Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nap Time

I just put Sophie down for her nap. She was so sleepy and fighting it and me and then she finally just laid there and cried. I did what I normally do...picked her up, rocked her and sang to her. She finally settled down and fell asleep. As she laid there, I couldn't leave her side...I just kept looking at her. Amazed by the fact that she is with me and so very thankful that I get to stay home with her. And then I thought about her life before us. How many times had she gone to sleep with no one to rub her face? How many times had she gone to bed hungry and not understood why? How many times had she woke up and cried out and there be no one there? Those thoughts are almost more than I can bear! I don't ever want her to feel alone again. Ever. But I'll not be able to be by her side every minute. Oh how I wish I could. As I type this I have the video monitor on still keeping my eye on her. My intentions are pure but there is no way I can be with her 24/7. There is One who is though. Our Comfort, our Friend, our Savior. When I'm not there, He is. As I got ready to leave her room, I noticed a tear fall gently from her sleeping eye. I broke. I cried as I kissed the tear away...I whispered, "I love you," and as I sat back down and cried some more by her bedside, I felt Him gently wipe my tears away as only He can do. My Comfort, my Friend, my Savior.


  1. Isn't His love amazing, that He would think of us as 'His Inheritence' too *sigh* What a precious open hearted post Margy.

  2. Just awesome! Even more awesome is that He was there before you knew her. He knit her together in her mother's womb. He was with her when the unthinkable happened to her. He was with her through every day she waited to be placed in the arms HE picked to be her mama and baba! What an AWESOME God we serve! Through adoption our girls will have the chance to know Him in an intimate way as well! Praise God!!!

    What a sweet, sweet post!


  3. Oh a mother's love. Praise God she has a mother's love. You are such a great mom. And we have such a great Father in heaven. Thankful Sophie has a loving father and mother here on earth. What a wonderful gift God has given all three of you.