Friday, July 9, 2010

God Is Teaching Me...

Oh how I love Him! He is teaching me how to trust Him through this process in so many wonderful ways. Our Home Study Agent, Anne, could not have been more perfect. She was down to earth, funny, compassionate, and understanding. As soon as she walked in she looked at me and said, ' is going to be ok.' And she was right. We sat at the table and talked like we were long time friends. She and her husband adopted two children from Russia, so she knows exactly what we will be going through. I cannot even begin to explain the connection we had with her. It was a God thing...and I am so thankful He is who He says He is. All we have to do is believe!

Funny thing that happened...when we were all done she got up to leave and she asked if I cleaned for her if the house was always this clean. Well, of course, I told her I did it just for her, so she said she would do the walk through. She did not look in closets, open the fridge or even get close to the garage door! She was so nice...did I say how much I love her?

Thank you all for praying. God answered BIG time today!


  1. God is so faithful! He knows exactly what we need when we need it. I am so pleased that things went well for you. I will share this blog with my son, Chris and his wife. she is unable to have baby ( which she wants so bad.) they are considering adoption. You will be an inspiration for her.

    Connie Lawrence:)

  2. I'm glad things went great, although I knew they would. You two are awesome!

  3. you have probably seen, it took me a while to get to the point where I knew if was God's will for us to adopt. But since I have, my whole life has changed! I see things differently, God is so much more real to me now! It is the most wonderful decision, besides salvation and marrying Darren, I have ever made. Please tell your daughter in law if she has any questions at all to e-mail me or call. I would love to talk to her. I will be praying for her. I know where she is at right now. Thanks for all of your encouraging words!