Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Step Closer...

I have so much to go and grab a cup of coffee and let's talk...

A lot has transpired since my last update. First of all, I want to thank Preacher Tom for allowing us to share our story last Sunday night. He has such a loving heart...he has been one of our biggest supporter's with much love and encouragement. Darren and I couldn't ask for a better Pastor to pray us through this adventure. I loved being able to share what God has done so far in this journey and our CBC family was so encouraging. I am sincerely overwhelmed with gratitude...your tears and hugs touched both of our hearts and we are so glad you all are a part of our family!

As most of you know, Darren and I have been praying earnestly over the medical check list form that tells our adoption agency what SN we would be open to. We have labored over this mainly because we want to be open to what God has for us. We looked at just about every need on that form. Some were very scary...others were not bad at all. Well, something unusual happened this week that I just have to share with you. I kept feeling this urge to call our adoption agency, CCAI, and talk with someone in the special needs program. They call it "The Waiting Child" program. So I called and talked with Pam and of course I have a ton of questions and then she tells me that I need to fax them my medical checklist as soon as possible. I asked why and she told me that we could actually be matched before our dossier is sent to China. I had no idea that was possible. I had heard of people being matched with children on the shared list for over 30 days, but I had no idea I could be matched with newer referrals. I hung up the phone and called Darren immediately. We both agreed that now was the time to submit the form. We had been waiting to send it in because we didn't feel like there was an urgency to it. Well, obviously, God didn't want us to submit that form until now. That was something we should have been aware of from the beginning, but God kept us from being aware of it until just the right moment. Again, every delay leads us to the baby God wants us to have. How exciting!

So, now we wait for the homestudy to be completed and reviewed and then we mail in the 1800A form to the USCIS. We will wait for our finger printing appointment and then once that is done we will get the last document for our dossier...the I797C form. It will take about 30-50 days for this process. After that we begin the sealing of all documents. My goal is to be DTC by December. What a great Christmas gift that would be!

I am going to try and post a picture of something we bought yesterday at Khol's for baby. I just couldn't resist!

A towel fit for our little princess!

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  1. Sitting here reading this crying -this is a beautiful testimony of love:)