Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did You Hear It?...

That 'it' would be the sigh of relief around 1 pm yesterday after our LAST home study visit! WhooHOO! Wow...we are getting closer to our little girl and I am so...I can't think of the right overjoyed? That's as close as I can get right now to how I feel. We have accomplished some major things over the last 3 weeks...but we have a lot more to do. But it is getting done and everything we do brings us one step closer to China.

Wednesday we went to Benson Area Medical Center and had our complete physicals. I have nothing but praise for the staff at BAMC. Dr Maynard was excellent. He sat and talked with us about the many SN we were praying about and even offered to Skype with us while we were in China if we needed him. Again...overjoyed!Today, we meet with Dr Wefald in Smithfield...he is a highly recommended cardiologist who is going to go over the minor heart conditions we are looking at as possible SN. Many, many thanks to Shelby Holt for arranging this meeting for us. Y'all there are angels all around us!

The visit with Anne yesterday was again, just lovely. She has got to be an angel. She interviewed us together and then separately. And was like talking to an old friend. She shared with us a few special needs we hadn't been looking into and one of them is not as serious as I first thought it could be. So, we are doing research on that condition as well.

When Anne got ready to leave, I asked her when we would see her again and she said, "When you have your baby." My heart leapt inside of me! Only God knows when that will be. We are trusting Him with all the details we can't handle. For instance, when our dossier is logged, we will be stacked neatly (I hope) in a pile with other waiting families. When the CCAA releases the new referrals for the month, the agency we are with will go through the list of special needs children and start the matching process. It is at that point we believe God will step in and miraculously match us with the child He has for us. This will be the part of the journey where our faith in Him will be all we have. It will be completely out of our hands and in His...and I wouldn't have it any other way!

But there are still many, many things that need to be done...

1. We have to fill out forms to check our records for any child abuse/neglect issues.
2. We have to fill out immigration papers and get fingerprinted
3. We have to nail down the SN we are comfortable with and fill out the form for CCAI. This is just as huge as completing dossier.
4. All documents must be notorized, certified, and authenticated. I will be the first to admit to you that this is not going to be easy. It is the last step in getting the dossier ready and I have been ignoring it. My mind can only take so I just have put that on the last, most far away back burner I have. But only for a little while...we are getting close to the point where it will be at the forefront and I will be ready for it then!

Thanks so much for your prayers and encouraging words...we are keeping this for our little girl to read one day, too. Much love!


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  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say congrats on completeing your homestudy visits...get ready for the ride:) Jennifer