Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Family of Three

We had our annual family reunion this past weekend and what a time it was! Food, fun, laughter and lots of lots of babies! As I sat and looked around at all those babies...terror gripped my heart (OK...I'm being a tad bit dramatic here). But the moms that had those babies were young... I'm talking a lot younger than me. It suddenly hit me that 'we'...me and Darren... were doing this thing backwards. Do you know I actually have a friend who is one year younger than me that has a child who is starting her first year of college? When I'm 60, our precious little baby girl will be just about to graduate high school!


As I mulled over this for a couple of days, God gently (He is so wonderful) reminded me that I left something out of the equation. 'We' not only includes me and Darren, but it also includes Him. And sometimes God does things that do not make sense. Take for instance Sarah. God woke me up this morning with her on my mind. She was married to Abraham and God had made quite a big promise to him and yet there was no seed to fulfill it. I think I'm old...I've got nothing on Ms Sarah...she was 90 (gasp) when she found out she was with child. Let me stop and just say..."Thank you Jesus for not waiting til I'm 90 to give me a baby!" Our ways are not His ways. And if the truth be known...I feel like I am better equipped now to be a mom than I was 5 or 10 years ago. He has got this thing all figured out. Even if it does seem to be backwards. I'm in good company, though. If Abraham and Sarah can pull it off...so can 'we'...me, Darren and God. Our family of three.


  1. What a great Post! God's timing is always perfect (and way more exciting!)


  2. I LOVE the name of your blogs! What a sweet heart you have! Hugs--- Ann from China to Carolina Mommy.

  3. Hi Margy! I found your blog tonight as I've been clicking on a blog, to a blog, to a blog...etc and repeat...
    It's so fun to see your blog because my husband & I have just started with CCAI too- we're in the home study process, waiting for the third appt. It will be fun to see your progress and eventually the special girl God has picked out for you already. We are going through the SN program also- and are praying about the medical needs checklist. Maybe we will travel around the same time?
    I will eventually have an adoption blog up- as soon as I pick a name for it!