Sunday, September 26, 2010

Practicing for the Big Game...

As most of you are aware...I'm not the adventurous type. And flying a hundred hours to get to China was one of the things that had me questioning God's will about international adoption. But, as He would have it, He made it perfectly clear that I would get on that plane and do it afraid if I must. Well, the most interesting thing has happened now...and I know, know, know it is not just coincidence. My Dad is making sure I get some practice in before the 'big game'.

Tomorrow we leave for a conference in Chicago and yes, we are flying. Yipee! (I hope you note the sarcasm in that because it is very much inferred!) My poor tummy is full of butterflies and I seriously want to just get in my car...which I would have to do NOW...and meet them there. Dad would be a little disappointed though since He has arranged this for me to get some practice in. I really don't want to let Him down. And that's not all of the practicing He has lined up for me. In December we fly to Boston for a wedding. Yes, I have thought about driving but Darren just shakes his head when I mention it and says, "this will be great practice." That's what Sarah (not the one from the Bible...but a friend of mine) said, too.

So, tomorrow morning, pray that practice goes well and I learn a lot. The 'big game' is coming up soon and I do want to be ready for it. But in the mean time...just to make sure...I'm going to see how feasible it would be to drive to China. We'd have to leave a month in advance...but not. Have you looked at a globe lately? China is way over there...looks like it's a plane whether I like it or not. But one can always dream!

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