Monday, October 11, 2010

a lesson in frustration...

well, here it is...what God wanted me to learn about frustration. yes...i've been frustrated here lately. things are not moving along at all. we are stillllllll waiting on tennessee to get darren's background check cleared. ugh. so, right smack dab in the middle of my 'nowhere between two somewheres' God gently teaches me a lesson about what i believe is frustration but actually turns out to be a control issue. imagine that? me with a control issue? i chuckle at my own sarcasm. yes...i do have a control issue and it has certainly reared its ugly head quite a few times over the last several months. frustrated over our agency, frustrated over paperwork, frustrated over having to wait for documents, frustrated over money, i could go on and on. and the bottom line to all of this frustration is a little known fact i didn't realize until today! i'm frustrated because i'm not in control! it's just like flying...i have no control over the wheel and i don't like that! and here i am trying to get to china and there is one thing after another frustrating me over and over and i can't even find the wheel! thank God He didn't let me keep on like this! how wonderful He is to shed light on what really is going on, and help me realize that it's all about control. and right now, He is in control not me. so, the next time my control issue starts to harass me wearing the mask of frustration on its ugly head, i will have to rely on the Holy Spirit to help me get a hold of it. the first step to victory is identifying the problem...and now we have. this won't be easy, but nothing ever worth anything is, right? and one thing i know for sure...i can't do this by myself...but with Christ all things are possible, so Jesus...take the wheel!

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