Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's out of my hands. At 2:27 yesterday afternoon a very important package left the USPS headed for Texas. It's I800A form and once it is approved, we will be well on our way to adopting our little girl from China. Getting that I800A mailed is a HUGE accomplishment and I am still a little paranoid that I didn't fill it out correctly. I went over more than 10 times, I know. As I was walking to the post office, I prayed over that package and now, well it is out of my hands. It should get to Texas tomorrow (thanks to priority mail), we should get a text letting us know it is there...and then hopefully we will get the official I800A receipt that lets us know it is in the right hands. Here's what should happen over the next few weeks...we will get our FBI fingerprinting appointment in the mail. We plan to walk in early at the Raleigh office, but need that appointment letter in order to do that. Once we are FP (that should be interesting...) we will wait for FBI clearance and wait to see if USCIS needs more evidence (of what, I'm not exactly sure, but they can request it). The whole process can take any where from 30-60 days...they seem to be moving a bit faster these days. Once we get the I800A approval, which is called the 797C ... we CELEBRATE! That is our last document we need for the dossier!!! The work will not be done...those 13 documents need to be sealed, but I'll save all that incredibly confusing information for another fun post! Things have been extremely busy...we've seen God work in so many ways and I am overwhelmed by His goodness. Thanks for praying us through thus far...we've still got a long way to go, but at least we are moving forward!

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