Friday, October 22, 2010

spittin' it out...

not the fried the snake...this blog...

Monday I felt the 'urge' to e-mail Xiaoqing to tell her our home study was done and we were reviewing it. She immediately e-mailed me back and told me to get Anne to e-mail it to Andrea at Bay Area (our placing agency) so she could review it before she leaves the country on Friday! Andrea is the executive director of our placement agency and it normally takes her 2 weeks to review and approve a home study. So, that meant if she was leaving the country for 2 weeks and it took another 2 weeks to review the HS, we would be looking at a month's worth of waiting. I just couldn't bear it. So...I e-mailed Anne and told her what was happening. She made the corrections we found in the HS and sent it to Andrea. We called Andrea to make sure she got it...she did and she said she would try her best to get it reviewed in 3 days. And that, my friend is when I asked God to pull it off. I knew I was asking for a lot! Andrea, no doubt, was terribly busy...getting ready for a two week trip that would involve China. But she did it. We got the e-mail from Anne earlier today that the HS was approved and she was on her way to get it notarized. WOW! God rocks!! This means we can submit our I800A form, get fingerprinted for FBI clearance and get the I797C form which is the last document we need for our dossier!!! This involves anywhere from 30-60 days...possibly more, so if we had had to wait another 30 days for our home study to be approved...I think I would have gone mad!

It is real now, y'all!! This is really going to happen!! We just might be DTC (dossier to China) by the end of the year!!! I'm believing Him for it, but just like I said before...He will be praised no matter what.

On a side note, my car died at WalMart today. But if you look for God in the middle of the will find Him... one of our friends from church was parked right in front of me and you'll never believe where he works...CarQuest in Dunn! He was immensely helpful and went above and beyond to do anything he could for us. He was on his lunch break too! Even in spite of the trials, God still works in wonderful, marvelous ways!


  1. How exciting that your are so close to DTC and that God brought you help for your car through a compassionate friend.

    Joyful Mama at WAGI

  2. HE is SOO excited that you are making progress!!!!!