Monday, November 29, 2010


instead of the usual smells of the season that turn your hearts into fuzzy slippers, my house reeks of lysol. darren is sick. and when he gets sick, i go into survival mode and the stock in lysol, clorox, rubber gloves goes way up. it's my one way to help stimulate the economy, i tell myself. but in all honesty, it's really my ocd way of assuring myself that there is a chance (an albeit small one, but still a chance) that i may not get it. i don't like to be sick on my tummy and the thoughts of it make me feel sick so i'm not sure if i'm actually coming down with it or if it's all in my mind. so my prayer for today is to love darren and take care of darren from 6 feet away, to not come close to touching my face and to wash my hands every 5 minutes (maybe every 2 minutes-that sounds better to me). and of course, to keep that lysol flowing...i wonder if they make a lysol candle. i'd buy one...or two...yeah...who am i kidding...i'd buy one for every corner of the house!

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