Tuesday, November 23, 2010

james bond who?

our mission was not completed. we didn't get the fp done. here's what happened...

we walk in and are met with this really nice (not!) officer who herded us through security. she took a look at our letters and nicely (not!) told us to have a seat. one hour later (it took me that long to work up enough courage to talk to her...darren wasn't about to!) i asked her about how long it would take for us to be seen...she grabbed my letter and came back and said they would try to work us in soon. in the meantime, darren is trying to figure out what time we need to leave because he's got a scheduled meeting at 10 he can't miss. i'm sitting there begging Jesus to work this out and then a peace came over me and i realized that today just wasn't going to be our day...and i started singing praises to Jesus. not out loud of course, the officer wouldn't have liked that at all! so as we are leaving, i approached said officer with a smile and a boldness i didn't know i had and asked why we were having to wait so long (the reason we went today was because normally people can be in and out very quickly with a walk-in). she was nice (yep, she really was!) to me and explained that the USCIS has tripled the appointment letters sent out and for the past two weeks and for the next two weeks to come it was going to be crazy there. i asked her when we should come back and she said tomorrow around 1...we shouldn't have any problem then. so, if it all works out schedule wise for me and hubby, we'll try again.

thanks for your prayers...although this didn't work out like we would've liked, it still was a great adventure and we actually got a smile out of the officer.

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