Tuesday, November 23, 2010

bond, james bond

today we get to do something we never thought we'd have to do. we are being finger printed by the FBI! how bondish! this will make a great page in our little girl's lifebook! we need a lot of prayers today because we are attempting a walk-in. our appointment is not scheduled for dec. 16 at 8 am, but i know many families who have been successful at walking in, so we are going to try it. please pray we find favor...i'm thinking they'll be in a good mood since its a holiday week and all. as soon as we are done, i'll let you know.

on another note, the shared list with available children came out last night. for those who are logged in with china, this means they may have a good chance of being matched with their child. as i was talking to God this morning, He reminded me that very soon we will be waiting through the night to see if we are matched. He alone knows when this will take place and i'm resting in knowing that He will be delivering this super-natural birth...i don't even have to push!

we still have some major hurdles to jump over, but we are a lot closer than we were back in May...whew...what a fabulous, wonderful journey this has been...and to think...we may be logged in around the time we are celebrating the most glorious event in history (besides His resurrection)...i'm overjoyed!!!

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  1. so exciting Margy...I can't wait for the day when you post about your new little one:)