Monday, November 22, 2010

thanksgiving, birthdays, and a much anticipated meeting...

there is a buzz in my tummy. i'm so excited! this is one of my favorite weeks of the year. and the irony of it is...people think i totally skip thanksgiving because i decorate for the biggest birthday celebration of all the first week of november. nothing could be further from the truth. i actually think thanksgiving and christmas are equally favored in my heart, and decorating for my Jesus' birthday before thanksgiving is nothing more than a much enjoyed treat for me and Him.

while we are waiting for our fingerprinting appointment with the FBI (that sounds so james bondish!), we will celebrate my precious daddy's birthday wednesday with our time honored tradition of hotdogs and homemade fries, thursday i anticipate being stuffed just like that turkey, friday SHOPPING and saturday...well saturday will be very special for me and darren. we get to meet dexter, melanie and their new daughter, lucy. mel's blog is the first blog i discovered when we were just getting started on our journey to china. i read her blog over and over, comparing dates and praying for them as they went to china to get lucy. now they are home and are visiting their family (who just happen to be friends of ours from church) over thanksgiving. they have graciously invited us over to meet and talk saturday evening. i can't wait to sit and learn all i can about their journey. it will be pretty awesome to meet my hero in this journey. she has no idea how much of an encouragement her blog has been to me...i hope i can convey my thanks to her saturday.

happy thanksgiving my friends! thank you for being so kind to us with your enouraging words and prayers on our behalf. we love and appreciate you all so much!

and maybe this time next year those wishes will come from me, darren and our little girl...

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