Thursday, December 30, 2010

Crying doesn't help....

But retail therapy does! So...I went and bought her a Christmas tree for her room. Complete with decorations and a bow I will attempt to make very soon (thank you Jernigan's Nursery...loved the sale!). I think I might keep it up until we get her. It brings comfort to me for some odd reason. It's like a reality check every time I see it. It reminds me that this adoption will happen, because honestly, sometimes, I feel like it will never take place. That little white Christmas tree with it's pretty pink and blue ornaments serves to remind me that the paperwork and delays and mistakes and no fingerprints and the money...all of the stuff that I get buried in will soon be a memory and she will be our the life that was meant to be...destined and mapped out by her heavenly Father. And like most women who have given birth, I will not remember the pain. Yeah, right!


  1. Before long you seriously will struggle to remember all the pain in the waiting....enjoy the anticipation because before you know it, you will be scurrying to pack!!! It never feels like it is really going to happen---then you get her!!! Can't wait for that day for you!!!!

  2. She will love it and it will be so special for years to come because you got it while you were waiting. I bought little seasonal things while we were waiting for Ben (a trick or treat bag, a Santa hat, etc). Every time he gets one of them out he has to tell the story about how I bought it while I was waiting for him.

    This year I set a place setting at the Christmas table and put our dossier on it while we had dinner!

    The wait is painful, but so worth it. :)

  3. It really is the same -no different -I have done it both ways.You just get to miss the stretch marks and extra pounds;) It is a painful -difficult -beautiful-long -hard -wonderful journey! I tell people that there are periods during John-Bryan's adoption that I think I was totally Ca-Ray Zee! you are on a mission -to find and bring home your baby! Your instincts have kicked in - you are doing what Mothers do -you are a Momma already -that is what is so beautiful to watch from this side of it. I love to see how your love for her already pours into everything you do -you are a great Momma! Your baby girl -wil be here soon -and all of this wil be like a a handfull of sand blown into the wind -a distant memory -and your thoughts and dreams will be there -in your arms! She will quickly cause you to forget -Hugs to you -