Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Yesterday became one of those days that will go down in our personal history as a 'wow' day. But to fully understand why yesterday was such a big deal, I need to explain some things. There are 5 documents that we have spent time, money, tears, etc on that expire after 6 months. Well, believe it or not, we've been working on our dossier for 6 months now and those documents expire this month. Somehow I needed to get those 5 docs State certified and get them to DC for authentification before Thursday. Yes tomorrow Thursday. I discovered this Saturday. Happy New Year, right? I was so out of sorts Saturday...I just couldn't believe I let this happen. I started doing some research after my melt down (Crying does help...forget what I said in that other blog post!)...and found a courier service in DC that hand delivers docs to Secretary of State, waits for certification and then takes them personally to the China Embassy for authentification. There's a 4 day turn around for authentication. After doing some mental calculating, I figured this miracle might could take place, but I would have to wait and call the Assistant Stork (cute right?) Monday. Long weekend. Darren kept telling me not to worry, we wouldn't know anything till Monday anyway so just relax. I did try! Monday morning at 9 I call and Steve tells me he can do it. If I get docs to him by Thursday, he'll take care of the rest. So Monday I start getting those docs ready. After looking over all my instructions, I realize there are 2 more documents that need to be added to the pile (I'm so glad God looks after me!)! So all in all we have 8 docs to send. But first I had to get to the Secretary of State's office before 10 to get them certified. So, I got up yesterday morning, talked with Jesus and He said He'd go with me...which made me feel so much better, and off we go....our great adventure. While the docs were being certified, I was going to try and get my fingerprints done again. So, we made it to SoS office, she told me to be back at 4:30, and off we went to USCIS. I walk in and the Security Officer tells me! You can't come in here without your appointment letter! Ugh!! I told him that all I was trying to do was get my baby, we walked in last time, so why not now?? He went and spoke with his supervisor and by the time he came back, I was in tears...I knew they would not let me in. He said his supervisor said the same thing. Can't come in without new appoitment letter. Then he said, come back at 1 and we'll let
you go into the interview room and they will see if they can't find you in the system. I left and immediately called the officer assigned to our
case. I told her what happened and she said she has never had anyone been told that they could not go in and get fingerprints done again
as a walk-in. So I have the distinct honor of being the first...yay me! So frustrating! But she put me in the system and she said hopefully they
will be nicer at 1. I really didn't have much hope for that, but nothing would stop me from trying again. I called Darren and he told me to go
shopping while I waited. I did...and I went to Cheesecake Factory for and Jesus. That did help, I must admit. So at one I go back
in, praying that my name is in the system and we can get this done and I can mark this off my list. Getting through security is like going into
the jungle! They are mean and scary and you never know when they will attack you. But they were, hmmm...what's the word? Passive? Yeh,
passive...they were so busy with other people coming in...they didn't even look at my letter and sent me straight to the fingerprinting room! I
went up to the desk and told the man what was going on, he looked at my letter and shook his heart went south...and then I
heard the words I didn't want to hear...we can't do this...we need a new appointment letter! Well, at that point, words came out of me that
made no sense...I said something officer said I'm in the system ....I just want to fingerprints are bad...nothing really made
sense. He asked me who this officer was I talked to and I told him she's somewhere at NBC Hague...and then from out of nowhere (and I'm
not kidding you...this actually happened!), a guy walks up and asks, what's the problem? We both explained what was happening...and this
angel says to the mean guy at the's not a problem...just use her old appointment letter. You can only imagine the shouting and
praising going inside me at that moment. I knew this guy was an angel! A few minutes later he came and got me and took me to his desk
and fingerprinted me there. He took his time and made sure they all passed...although there were 2 that didn't. But he said from what he
could tell, they looked good. He told me to tell my officer to call him tomorrow afternoon and they will know for sure whether or not they
passed. Once I got outside that building, me and Jesus did the happy dance! Wow! What an answer to prayer. And get prayer
partner just happened to text me right before I walked in! She was texting about something totally different...I txtd her back, told her what was
happening and she started to pray. How awesome!
At 4:20 I picked up docs from Secretary of State's office, rushed to the UPS store, made copies of everything, wrote checks, and got the state certified docs in the mail to be delivered tomorrow in Washington, DC! What a day! And Jesus was with me every step of the way. It
wasn't easy...there were things I didn't the staple fiasco...which only those of you who are paper chasing would understand! But
He was with me and helped me get through it one step at a time. We have 6 more docs we will have to go through the same process again
very soon...but y'all this means we are getting very close to our dossier being complete! Such an overwhelming thought! As I was driving
home last night, I had a terrible headache, my nerves were frazzled, traffic was bumper to bumper, and I started crying. Not because I was
feeling bad, but because I knew in my heart that there was a little girl in China that at that moment could've been laying in her crib, crying
and no one was there to comfort her. No one to pick her up and love her and make her feel safe and secure. She needed me to go through
all I went through so we could go and get her one day soon. And that, my friend, made yesterday one of the best days of my life!


  1. This is sure a roller coaster ride, isn't it? Praise God that He got you through everything. One step at a time. He is watching over both our little girls until we can get there.
    I will pray that everything goes somewhat smoothly from here on out... :)

  2. Love it!!!! Such a huge accomplishment today was! And from one AMom's heart to another's.....I SO GET IT!!!

  3. Margy :-) I found you!!!! I've been thinking about you and wondering if you got your fingerprints taken yet!!!! Praise God!!!! I researched the yahoo group and found your blog. I've had you on my mind!!!!! A referral yet???

  4. Hi Girls! Thank you so much for your comments...I love having y'all as are such an encouragement to me because you understand where I'm at! :)) I pray for y'all too! glad you found referral yet...we are praying it happens this year.

  5. A wonderful day Margy, indeed! Isn't parenting fun?
    Nancy-of the crazy 8

  6. What a day! So glad that the Lord met you right where you were and revealed Himself to you in the midst of chaos!