Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Being sick

and trying to complete dossier is for the birds. I woke up yesterday morning feeling so bad. I spent the day covered up, but today...today the sickness will just have cooperate with me. I have got to get to Secretary of State's office by 9. The last six documents needed for our dossier are ready for sealing, and by george...today is the day! I'm a Mommie on a mission....wait!...now I get it! I've always wondered how my mom (and other mom's I've watched) could pull themselves together when they were sick or overwhelmed and take care of their kids without even whispering a complaint. Now I know! Wow...moms really are Superheroes!


  1. Yes we are....and like all superhero's you'll need a cool SuperHero name, Howz Super Kung Fu Mumma Margy, or SKFMM for short....

    on alot of painkillers over here as you can tell...

  2. Love it Roberta! Very, very cool :)
    Signed, SKFMM

  3. I'm not feeling too superheroish myself...but consider it practice. Mommies aren't so much allowed to be sick -- gotta keep pushing through! Can't really call in sick to your job! :) Can't wait to meet you in...13 days, right? :)

  4. I'm so excited Kelly! Can't wait to meet and celebrate CNY together :)) counting down the days...