Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pediatrician's Advice....

We met with our little girl's pediatrician Friday, and we love her. It was another God ordained meeting...when I say she is phenomenal, I'm not even coming close to describing her. Some of you may know her, her name is Dr. Lori Langdon. Darren and I both think she is the one to treat Little Girl Hughes (that's what they called her at the dr's office) when she comes home. Dr. Langdon has experience with IA and she loves Jesus. Enough said. We are so happy we found her.

While in her office Friday, I shared with her that we haven't been around kids much at all, and I could see that look in her ' oh better get ready!' She told us it might not be a bad idea to be around kids as much as possible to help prepare us for what's to come. We proudly told her we kept nursery once a month...I could tell she was impressed...but she did add that it might be a good idea to be around toddlers a little bit more than just once a month.

So, Last night we went over to Joey and Nicole's for a relaxed dinner and they have a 5 and 3 year old. I didn't realize it last night...we were laughing and having fun, but we were doing what Dr. L suggested....hanging out with kids. And what fun they were! They entertained us with guitars and singing, proudly showed us their rooms and school room, we laughed at them laughing at the tv show, Wipe Out, and at one point Jacob told his mom, "I love Margy and I love apple dumplings!" I had made them for sweet!

Dr. L was right....hanging out with kids was a great idea. It wasn't scary at fact it was encouraging. What a sweet family they are and I can't wait for Little Girl Hughes to get to sing along with them in her Southern Chinese accent!


  1. That's great Margy. Skylar has the same doctor. We have decided to make Dr. Langdon her primary. Anytime you want any experience with a one year old (or pretty close) you can come visit skylar anytime!!

    Love you! Pam

  2. ok, ok....if you need some practice, you can come spend the week and Charles and I will go on vacation:)lol

  3. Oh, such a precious post Margy! You are going to be a great mom!!!

  4. Awesome Margy! If you're ever in Baltimore, I can guarantee lots of laughs and free entertainment at my house by my 2 adorable kiddos :-) Oh, my hubby and I are pretty cool too! LOL.