Friday, January 28, 2011


could be the day. And thank God there is an end to phase one in sight. If I have to deal with this dossier any more, I'm going to lose my mind. Yesterday sent me to the edge. Have you ever been to the edge? It's a scary, scary place. I was there yesterday...but I held on to God's hand and He pulled me back in. Imagine working on something for 7 months and getting to the very end and finding a mistake that could delay you for another month or two. A mistake that was no fault of my own, but of our own government. That's what did it for me yesterday. For about 3 hours I was at the edge until I heard from Xiaoqing (who is an angel, I think). She is our placing agent...the one who will match us with who will be 'little girl hughes'. She told me that she didn't think the mistake was something we needed to fix. I was somewhat relieved, but I tell ya...I will be so glad to get this dossier out of my sight! And could be that day. UPS is scheduled to deliver those last 6 documents to our door this afternoon. If it comes early enough, we will have time to get copies made and pack that baby up and send it California where it will go under critical review and then be sent to China. Excuse me while I scream!!!!!!!!!!!! The light at the end of the tunnel is glimmering. Yep, phase one is about over and Phase 2 begins when we are logged in with China and we wait to be matched. At then at that point, more paperwork...but paperwork that will finally have a name and a face...that of little girl hughes...our little girl. What. an. amazing. thought.

I still can't believe this is actually happening. Yesterday there was a moment when all of the frustrations from the past 7 months hit me and I thought we'd never get through this. And now today is here and it could very well be the day we send 7 months worth of blood, sweat and tears off to make history. Our history. Today. A brand new beginning. Ahhhhhh....feels good.


  1. Now I am crying....boy do I understand -We saw a picture of the girls in July -and if we could JUST get out I171H.......sometimes in adoption -hours feel like days and days feel like months -you are amazing -and what a blessed precious baby love she is:)

  2. The end is maybe in sight. i know you and Darren will be the perfect parents that she is waiting for. I remember how it was when we were in the process ourselves. We did'nt have to go through all that you two have been through. But when it finally happens and you get her, it will be worth it all. I can't hardly remember how it was without the girls.
    The Burtons

  3. Love the post...I have been on the edge!!! will all fade away when you release it and even just a few months in, I can barely remember all of the frustrations with the fact, my memory says that a part of me kind of enjoyed it...not much longer now...can't wait to see her sweet face. Hang in there...what an amazing journey and testimony of God's perfect will realize just how perfect when it is all said and done:) congrats on getting past one of the biggest hurdles!! jennifer

  4. you and I Margy are about the same in our processes! I see the light at the end of the tunnel with you!