Monday, January 31, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Many years ago...I thought I was dying. My heart had been broken into a million peices and I really didn't have the energy nor the wherewithal to even try to put it back together again. I had a choice to make...I knew Jesus wanted to heal me, and I realized He was the only one who could bring healing to my heart and put the pieces back together again...the way He wanted to. But the pain was so real and awful that the easy way out that would have brought a quick fix to the pain was tempting. But I sit here today a very thankful woman knowing I made the right, but very hard decision to let God do with me what He wanted to. It wasn't an easy fix...and He's still working on me. But I know without no doubt in my mind that He is the lover of my soul and in Him only true, everlasting joy and peace can be found. And my soul knows that very well.

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