Saturday, February 5, 2011


It has finally happened! We are officially DTC...and I feel as light as a happy as an merry as a get the picture....I'm thrilled! And yes, Darren's pretty excited too. It is such a relief to have completed this part of the journey. We are so much closer than what we were last year this time. Last year we were dealing with the grief of a lost baby (baby was due around Christmas), our flooded house (at Christmas), and my perforated ear drum. I shudder at the was a tough Christmas and months to follow last year, but He always does...had a plan...He made something good out of something so sad...even the flooded house turned out to be a blessing!

So, here we are after months of paperchasing, DTC. China is on holiday until next week, so when they come back, our dossier will be on the desk waiting for a log in date. When we get that, then we are in the system and are available to be matched. We are hoping for a log in date before the 20th...the next shared list comes out around that time and we would love to be among the pre-adoptive parents available for matching. Only God knows....we will just have to wait and see. At this point, I know it's like a pregnant woman waiting to give birth. We are giving birth supernaturally...and only He knows when our "water will break". It's up to Him at this point to get it all worked out...and I can't WAIT to see how He pulls this off! I am in awe of Him!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your kind comments, prayers, encouragement, and love. All of you are a part of her story now. She is loved by so many people and her little life is about to change in such a wonderful, God ordained way. We love each one of you so very much.

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