Thursday, February 17, 2011

The next shared list

Will be coming out February 22nd. Next Tuesday. I've sent an email to our agent to see if we will be available to be matched then. So far, I've gotten nothing, absolutely no news on us being logged in yet. I will be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday and I have so many mixed emotions over the possibility of being matched. If we are, we have to make a decision within 72 hours, have doctors look at her will be a very stressfully exciting time. I would rather not be out of town when the time comes to make that decision, but if the good Lord sees fit for it to happen this way, well then we will have a very exciting story to tell our little girl. Mommy was a witness for the FTC testifying at a trial in DC when we found out you were ours! Ugh....It's a long, long blogpost that I don't have time for right now.

To be honest, my gut tells me that we will not be logged in in time for this batch of babies, but there is a chance.... it could just be something I ate. Lol! I'll keep you posted....

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