Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Vulnerability Land

No one likes to be put in a place where you feel vulnerable. At least I would think no one would choose to be put there. Last week I landed right smack dab in the middle of vulnerability land...it's called Washington DC. Without going into a lot of detail, I was a witness for the Federal Trade Commission in a trial concerning anti-competitive laws. First of all, being in DC was intimidating enough. My bosom friend, Sheree went with me and she was an absolute angel. But here we were, two gals from the south that were only prepared for one night in our nations capital. 10 minutes from our exit, the lawyer calls to tell me that the judge had cancelled court for the day and we were going to have an extra night in DC! Whoopee! Not exactly. I wanted to get it over with and now I had to wait another day and I didn't bring any extra clothes. Factor in 4 dollar cups of coffee, 5 dollar sides of sour cream,sinus troubles that made me feel as if I was in a barrel, and the possibility of being matched (yes the shared list came out the night before we left!) and you've got one huge bundle of nerves! But we made the best of it, toured and walked as much as we could and Thursday finally came. I was by that point so ready to get on that stand, that I actually was looking forward to doing it and getting my southern accented self back home. My nerves were frayed, but when I sat in that chair, my sweet Jesus took over and I was just as calm as I could be. What a MIRACLE! It was an intimidating, overwhelming experience that taught me that I indeed can do anything through Christ who strengthens me! I never, ever want to do anything a part from Him. He is my portion, my deliverer, my strong tower, my safety!! I am thankful for the DC experience because it taught me so much about who He is to me. And I got to check off another must-do on my bucket list...I got to hail a taxi...and that reader, may have been the highlight of the entire trip!


  1. Although I don't understand what exactly you had to do there in DC, I am so happy that the Lord sustained you in such a tangable way Margy!

  2. Hooray for experiencing a taxi...I guess. Just wait until you hail a taxi in China. You are going to be a pro by the time you come home. :)

    Glad the Lord met you where you were and revealed Himself in a real way. Awesome stuff.