Tuesday, April 26, 2011

never check your email when you're half asleep and waiting to be matched...

we went to bed at 10:30 and around midnight i woke up starving! plus i had had a crazy dream, so i got up to check my email just to see if our agent had emailed anything. well...sure enough she had. my computer groups emails together and for some reason, her latest email was not the one i read. in my half asleep stupor, i read an email from last week and it said...'if i have a match, i will call you.' but what i saw was...'i have a match...i will call you.' i ran through house, yelling, 'darren she emailed...we've been matched!!' he popped up out of bed and was all excited...and then i realized i had read it wrong. my heart dropped. it was awful. and then i read the right one...'i am so sorry i was not able to find a match for you tonight.' so we went from being so excited to all the emotions of having to continue to wait. i guess one day maybe we'll laugh over my mix up. maybe. i kind of doubt it, though.


  1. Margy, I'm so sorry! but there are files that will be going back in 48 hrs and that is when we were matched both times. I hope you have a peace filled day today, this is such a challenging time.

  2. Oh no Margy, I am so sorry! It's amazing that you still have a sense of humor in all of this. Such grace!