Friday, April 29, 2011

to say

this has been a tough week would be a gross understatment. i feel as if my hands and feet have been bound on opposite ends and someone has been slowly turning the wheel to see how far i can stretch without breaking. this week, i have come close to breaking. but then, when it seems to be too much to handle, He comes swooping in and rescues me just in the nick of time. i can't go into a lot of detail, but we have had to make some decisions this week that have extremely hard. no one prepared me for this part of the adoption journey! i'm not sure anyone could have. in the midst of it all, though, my Jesus has been the ROCK for us. He has been everything He promised He would be and i wouldn't trade this adoption experience for anything! i have learned so much about my relationship with my Daddy. i can actually feel Him pulling me into the secret place and keeping me safe. why...why would He do that for me? people say that i'm strong, but trust me, i am NOT! i am weak...but it is Him through me that is strong...He promised He would be! Although this process hurts and is stretching me beyond anything i thought i was capable of, i am seeing first hand God at work in our lives and it is miraculous!! if God is calling you to somethigng that seems bigger than what your capable of, can i reassure you? can i encourage you in knowing that even though it will be scary, even though it will stretch you beyond what you thought was even feasible, it'll be the best experience of your life because you will see Him in such a way that will literally make you fall on your face to worship the Mighty, Awesome, Strong Tower and Refuge we have in our Jehovah!! He is I AM!!!!! we need nothing else.

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  1. Hi Margy,

    This post gave me so much encouragement! I know
    I've said it before but I can't wait to see what
    God does with both of our journeys. It really does stretch you more than you could ever imagine. It can be so scary but yet I can't wait until the day I will fall on the alter praising God for seeing us through this journey!

    Love ya, Teresa C.