Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Mother's Love

We got another update on our little girl. For this update, she had to go to the doctor and have blood work done. I could just see her in my mind...timid, afraid, in an unfamiliar place...and then...pain from the needle...tears following. It breaks my heart. Who was there to comfort her? Who was there to tell her everything was going to be ok? It should've been me, but I'm not there...oh the sadness and frustration I felt. My love for her is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I would do just about anything for her. And yet, I know the doctors visit was necessary...the tests needed to be done so we would know her health status. It was not the most pleasant experience, one that brought pain to her I'm sure, but it needed to be done. As a mother, you want to keep your child from experiencing pain, but you also know that sometimes pain is a part of the test, and in the end, it comes out the way it is suppose to. During the test though, you cry with your child, you hold their hand (if you can) and you reassure them it will be might even say the words, "trust me...this is for your good."  As I was pondering these things in my heart...I felt Him say to me..."that's how I feel about you...only a hundred trillion times more!" I have been that timid, afraid little girl more times than I can count. I have faced tests that I didn't want to face, trials that I thought would kill me and have cried out in pain more than I'd like to admit. And all the while, my Father was there. Holding my hand, crying those tears with me, telling me it would be ok, and whispering in my ear, "trust me...this is for your good." A Father's Love. Worth more than I could ever begin to know and becoming more real to me through the miracle of adoption.

And yes...her tests did come out good...very good indeed!! We are two very thankful parents!!!

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