Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New chart and we are movin on up...

Over at www.chinaadopttalk.com a 'steps to TA' chart is put together each week for families waiting to adopt. We started out on the bottom...now, we are number 100! The gal who does it takes the information of every member of the forum community and puts it in this chart so we can see who's getting close to travel. We are waiting on LOA and there are about 6 other families that have the same time frame as we have. It's good to know we are not alone! So, I pretty much said all of that to say this...the average LOA wait time is 63 days...and that means...WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!!! WooHoo!!! OK, so once we get LOA, we will have about 80 days (that's the average) to get packed, get her room ready and get the rest of the paperwork done. So, let's just say we get LOA August 1...if everything stays on track, we really could be looking at traveling in October to bring our baby home!!! I just screamed...ok...I'm calming down. It's becoming more of a reality everyday. Last year this time I was in a tizzy over the homestudy. We knew nothing about adopting and less about China. We've learned so much since then, but I admit, the reality of actually going to China and bringing home a baby seemed so far removed. Not anymore. NOT ANYMORE! We could actually have her home for the holidays...home! Her home God knew about before any of us had a clue. So amazing!

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  1. I know that feeling and I am so excited for you both!! Our little princess is coming up on her 7th Gotcha Day on July 29. We were so fortunate to being her home on my husbands birthday :) Now that he is no longer with us, it just helps to make that day not a sad day but a happy day since we celebrate her day with a party. Anyway, just wanted to say I understand how you feel and it is so exciting!!!
    Lori Oakley