Sunday, July 3, 2011

things we know about Sophia Li so far...

she loves to eat

she likes music (such a God thing considering who her parents are!)

she knows who Mickey and Minnie are (look closely on the wall)

she weighs 20 pounds

she is loved beyond anything she could ever imagine

Since we have seen her face, I have been overcome with emotion. I have heard parents describe their love for their children and have been skeptical of it. Until of course I became pregnant. Then I understood. And now with Sophia, it is hard to describe. I was in the bedroom the other day and I kissed her picture and told her I loved her more than she could ever know and couldn't wait to get her and bring her home. I heard God whisper to me...'that's a little bit of how I feel about you. You are finally beginning to understand my love for you.' Wow!!! Could we ever grasp and and fully get how much He loves us?? Probably not...but He is using this little Asian Princess to teach me about His love for me, His kid. Selah...

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  1. You are so cool. LOL. It's amazing how you can love someone so much that you have never met.