Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm playing in her room. I've been up since 4:30, listening to Christmas music, drinking sips of coffee here and there, and just having a grand ole time. I caught a glimpse of her stroller, which sits in the dining room for now, and got an urge to take it with me today and just push it around while I shop. Lol...I can just see their faces now! I can't wait to take that thing out for a spin...with her in it!

I saw on RQ last night that another family got their TA in 11 days!!! I better start getting up at 3...


  1. So exciting!!! Hope we can meet in GZ together!!! Praying for fast TA's!!!

  2. I also am following your both of your blogs--we had the same LOA...we are waiting to hear our Article 5 was dropped off and that we are officially waiting on TA. I have started listening to christmas music too because that is when we will have our family all together! Hope we get to meet in GZ! Praying for speedy happenings and wonderful first days ahead!
    --Alli and Greg (gregdespres.com)

  3. I am logged in as my husband, but it is me, Alli!