Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Just Had a Feelin'....

I can't describe it, but I just knew the TA would come yesterday. I kept checking RQ to see if there were any reports of TA's and around 11 am they started to come in. And then Xiaoqing emailed us that she had gotten ours. I yelled and jumped and was such a relief!! This is it y'all. After a year and seven moths of waiting, crying, disappointment, waiting, waiting and WAITING we are going to be leaving very soon to get our baby girl. OURS. She will be home for Christmas...and there's a real good chance she will be in our arms Thanksgiving Day!! Just think...we might spend Thanksgiving in China!! Peking Duck anyone??

So here's what we know so far...Xiaoqing has to give five possible dates for our CA. The first available is November 29th. We are praying that this is the date we please pray with us!! If we do, this means we will leave around the 16th!!! YES...NOVEMEBER 16th!!!!!!! So much to do!!! But I am sooooo ready!!! My heart is so full of thankfulness to my Abba Father this morning. He has been so good to us and so give us the gift of our little Sophia Li at this most wonderful time of the year is simply amazing. For the past 3 years, I would write notes on the boxes of Christmas decorations that we put in the attic. I would write notes like, 'hopefully celebrating with baby next year'. Well, last year, I wrote on her Christmas tree box (that I had bought last year!) 'for baby girl 2011...we will trust You Lord!' At that point in our journey, we weren't even DTC yet. And there were times after DTC while waiting for a referral I seriously thought we would not be mommy and daddy this year either. But GOD knew. He knows it all!! Yep, I'm was a sappy mess yesterday. Darren had pulled that box down before the TA email and I was going through her stuff so happy and hopeful.

We are going to China! And we are bringing back the most precious gift anyone could ask for...a daughter handpicked just for us by Him. What glorious love He has for us...His kids!!!!


  1. so excited for both of you!!! Can not even describe the feelings you will have when you see your beautiful little girl for the first time. Amazing love!!!!

    Lori and Abigail Oakley

  2. Looking forward to seeing the Hughes family finally together. What a beautiful THANKSGIVING. Thanks to our GOD for giving you both Sophia Li = THANKSGIVING I love all three of you