Tuesday, November 8, 2011


That's how my tummy feels this morning. It is in happy, joyful knots!! Our house is buzzing with excitement...I don't understand how Darren can be still be sleeping!

We are using one of the best travel agents to book our in country and international flights and last night he sent me two itineraries to look over. That's when the knotting of the tummy commenced. Most of you know how I am about flying. Two words...drugs please. And that's for a two hour flight. To go to China we've got to be on one plane 14 hours. Total travel time will be about 24 hours. There's another knot! Lol. After I read his itinerary I thought to myself...how in the world am I going to do this??? Two words....through Me. That's what I heard...that's what I felt...through Him. My savior....my Hero...my Jesus. He loves me knots and all...and I can and will do this through Him!!

Right now it looks like we will leave Thursday the 15th and Gotcha Day will be the 21st. Less than 2 weeks she will be an orphan no more...in the arms of 2 people who love her more than she could ever imagine. Yes....happy, joyful KNOTS!!!!!!


  1. 2 weeks! !! How exciting. What a blessed little girl.
    Theresa Smith Dillard

  2. So excited for you!!! The 21st is the day we came home with Alice...the day you get her in China, we should be dedicating Alice at church:) (the 20th)...so happy...maybe we can talk before you leave! Call me anytime!! Hugs, Jennifer