Thursday, November 10, 2011

Itinerary... it is!!! A week from today we will be flying half way around the world to get our baby!

The itinerary for the Hughes’s family, adopting Tao Nuannuan (10/03/02)

Nov. 17: Leave RDU at 9:26 arrive at DTW (detroit) at 11:27. Depart DTW at 3:35 arrive in Shanghai 7:35 Friday night which will be 7:35 Friday morning our time. Total flight time 15 hours. Not too bad, huh?
Nov.18: Arrive in Shanghai by DL181 at 19:35, meet guide from CWTS at
Shanghai airport. Stay at the Bund Hotel.
Nov.19: Local sightseeing at the Yu Garden, Chenghuang Temple Old Market and the bund.
Nov.20: Local sightseeing at the Xin Tian Di Commercial Area and the Shi Ku Men Traditional Residence place.
Leave Shanghai for Nanjing by the train G7058, which departs at 13:23 and arrives at 15:20. Meet guide from CWTS at the train station in Nanjing. Stay at the Holiday Inn Nanjing Aqua City
Nov.21: Meet your child (!!!!!!!!)
Nov.22: Registration and Notarization
Proceed adoption registration at Civil Administration Bureau
Take picture with your child
Bring with you three copies of the first page of your passports
Bring with you the original “Notice of Coming to China for Adoption”
Engage in interview (10 to 15 minutes)
Sign adoption registration

Nov.23: Local sightseeing at the Provincial Museum.
Nov.24: Local sightseeing at the Ming Tomb and Sun–Yat-Sen Mausoleum. Eat our first Thanksgiving meal together and celebrate PaPa Raynor's birthday!
Nov.25: Local sightseeing at the Zhan Yuan Garden and the Confucius Temple.
Receiving your child’s passport, adoption registration card, birth decree,  abandonment decree, Article 23 (check very carefully for any kind of mistakes, make sure that the abandonment decree has the information on the time and place of the abandonment).
 Fly to Guangzhou from Nanjing by CZ3700, which departs at 18:20 and arrives at 20:20. Meet guide from CWTS at Guangzhou airport. Stay at the Garden Hotel.
Nov.26: Photo for the child & Physical exam for the child
Receiving physical exam result in a sealed envelope (Do Not Open)
Nov.27: Local sightseeing at the Yun Tai Park
Nov.28: Visa appointment at 10:00,Swearing in ceremony at the Consulate,
In the morning, your guide and you will go to the American Consulate before the  scheduled time to submit adopting parents’ and children’s paperwork.  
Presentation of forms and documents for the adopted child’s immigrant visa application:
Please assemble all documents and submit them, in a large clear plastic envelope than can be fastened shut, (one envelope for each family, labeled with the parents’ and adoption agency’s names) to the Adoption Unit staff in the following order (top of the package to the bottom).
1. Child’s passport
2. copies of child’s passport & parents’ passport (For IH-4 cases please attach a photocopy of the non-traveling parent’s passport)
3. Medical report
4. Vaccination Affidavit (one parent must complete, sign and have signature notarized, please use the child Chinese name on this form. This form is also called Affidavit by Adoptive Parent)
5. Adoption Registration Card (original, copy & translation)
6. Article 23 (Certificate of Conformity of Intercountry Adoption)
7. Two full-faced visa photos of the child with the child’s Chinese name printed on the reverse of each photo, stapled to the front page of the copy of Adoption Registration
8. Abandonment certificate
9. Birth certificate
Your guide and you will need to make sure you have completed the Adoption Document Checklist and to sign the statement.
Nov.29: Local sightseeing at the Six Banyan Temple
Pick up the visa at 3:30 pm
Leave Guangzhou for Hong Kong by T819 at 18:20.
Nov 30: Arrive in Hong Kong

Dec 1: Disneyland!!!

Dec 2: Come back to home sweet Home...

Depart Hong Kong 10:45 am arrive DTW 12:25 same day. LOL! That confuses the mess out of me...but all I gotta say is it is literally going to be the longest day of our lives! This is where Sophia will become an United States citizen!!

Depart DTW 5:37 pm arrive at RDU at 7:21. Terminal 2 Delta fligh number 2359. And you are invied to a welcome home celebration at the airport. Yes, I know we will look rough and she will be so overwhlemed with everything going on, but this is her history and we think it would be so great to have all of our family and friends we love to be there and see her when she is finally home forever!!
1. 上海金外滩  The Bund Hotel
Address: Address: 525,Guang Dong Street, Huang Pu District, Shanghai, China.
Zip Code: 200001
Tel: 86-21-63522000

2. 南京水游城假日酒店        Holiday Inn Nanjing Aqua City
Address: 1 Jian Kang Road, Bai Xia District, Nanjing, China
Zip Code: 210001
Telephone: 0086-25-82233888
Fax: 0086-25-82233666
3. 广州花园酒店       Garden Hotel Guangzhou
Address: 368 Huan Shi Dong Lu, Yue Xiu District, Guangzhou, China
Zip Code: 510064
Telephone: 0086-20-61138986
Fax: 0086-20-38471992
So, there it is. Mind boggling. I've got so much to do!! There is an urgent prayer request I have...I can't go into a lot of detail now, but just pray God moves and moves quickly. I'll share more later. Thank you!! Your support and prayers throughout this journey has been such a blessing to us! 


  1. sounds like fun!!! I will be praying that all things come together:) Call if you need anything at all!! Jennifer

  2. We will be at the Yun Tain Gardens with you... sounds like that will be a BAAS group thing! We are also staying at the Bund from the 14th to the 16th, so you can check out our website before you leave! We'll hopefully not have a horror story getting from the PuDong airport to the hotel! Can't wait to meet you and little Sophia!!