Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's 2:30 Sunday morning American time...2:30 Sunday afternoon China time. We are on a high speed bullet train from Shanghai to Nanjing.  I don't know how put into words this experience and it's only been 3 days. I have seen things and eaten things I thought I would never. I have done things so far out of my comfort zone that I thought I'd certainly have a melt down right in the middle of China. But, God is faithful and when I think I cannot move another inch, He steps in and carries me through. I have an idea for that book I've been threatening to write about our adoption journey. I will call it ..."the paranoid's guide to international adoption-yes you can do it!' Darren's book will be the survival guide to being married to the paranoid psychopath who worries abut everything! I think I've done pretty good though. Although I absolutely refuse to take the train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. Taking this train was close to impossible without Sophia. I can't imagine trying to navigate thousands of rushing people, stairs and cramped quarters with all our luggage and her. Not going to happen! 

Tomorrow we get our girl. I'm scared half out of my mind. I can hardly take care of myself in this country. God is going to have to step in a do some miracles. This ain't easy. I knew it wouldn't be but I had no idea it would be this hard. With all Can't you tell?? I did feel a lot better after I skyped with mom and dad, Darren's family and Mary Jo and yes, even Todd made me feel better. We were able to do that this morning. We had been all over shanghai looking for wifi and all the while it was available in the lobby of our blasted hotel! Ugh!! I think at holiday inn aqua city it's in the room. In about an hour we will be there and I plan to get the room as cozy as possible for Nuan Nuan. Her little world is about to be turned upside down, but we got a hold on her and we are gonna help her get it turned back up right. Lots of love, patience and understanding. That's the name of the game. Tomorrow life changes forever. For her, for us, but more important than anything else...she will grow up learning about a savior that loves her more than anything. She will hear about Him everyday of her life. Darren asked our guide if she had ever heard of Jesus Chirst. She said no...she had never heard of the bible! What we take for granted dear reader. There's a world of people who honestly do not know who He is! Hard to believe, but so very true. Pray for us as we try to represent Him in a way that brings much glory to His name. 

Sorry if writing is jagged...I'm fighting jet's a bear!

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  1. Oh, the memories!! The fun has just started. Thinking and praying! Can't wait to see Sophia.

    Mel and Dexter