Saturday, November 19, 2011


Its sunday morning here in China. Its still hard for me to grasp that we are here and we will be getting nuan nuan tomorrow. Ive got to get used  to calling her  that for a while. Here's a funny story...all the while I was thinking I could not connect to Internet because of needing wireless. All the time wireless was available In the lobby!! Got to skype with family...that was great...I miss all of you so much!!! Can't wait to get home.

Here's some things I wrote while waiting to get wifi access...

It's hard to believe we are here!!!! Breakfast is Shanghai was unbelievably good. My fears of not having enough food...enough good food...have been laid to rest. When we first walked in to the Bund Cafe, all we saw was cereal and bread. We were so disappointed. And then it was if the angels were singing from another area of the cafe...I saw silver containers and I screamed to Darren...whats that over there? A blessing...that's what it was. Bacon, ham, eggs, spring rolls, rice congee, turnip pies...yes and they were yummy!! Fried potatoes, fried  chicken, noodles....i could go on and was heavenly. Darren ate until he could not eat any more. We took pictures and I'll post them on Facebook as soon as I can. As far as lunch and dinner....well let's just say I'm glad I brought snacks!! We woke up at 3 this morning starving!!

The plane ride was really something else. I have never been on a huge plane like the one we flew on to Shanghai. The pilot and his crew were top notch. We did have some turbulence along the way, but wasn't too bad. It was just LONG. Hard to sleep and every joint in our bodies were aching. When we got off the plane, we had to go through immigration, get our bags, and then look for our guide. I was so happy to see her! Her name is Jo...:))...& she is a sweetheart. The ride to our hotel was 45 minutes and everybody that drives LOVES To beep their horn. 

In one day, she's ours. I can't believe it. Honestly I can't. 

We take the bullet train to Nanjing soon and hopefully we will find better food choices and coffee. It's a long time between breakfast and breakfast!!

Thank you Jesus for all you have done!!!! May you be glorified in all of this !!!!

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