Saturday, November 26, 2011


Nanjing was good, Guangzhou is great!

Sophia is like me...she's much better in the morning than at night. Unfortunately Darren has become the morning person and I am now the night owl due to jet lag. Life is funny sometimes!

Sophia has many nicknames...of course. Sophie, Soph, snitty, and taz as in tazmanian devil. Remember the bugs bunny cartoon? When she gets wound up that's her! God help us!

I used to carry lipstick and foundation in my purse. Now it's wipes, pampers, toys, bibs, crackers, toys, hand sanitizer, bottle, I'm sure I'm forgetting something...I always do.

I use to care what I looked like. Now my goal is to get up, which I don't want to do, get myself halfway ready (sometimes that means skipping a shower until after breakfast!) and get her ready for breakfast. Who knew that could take as long as two hours???

I use to care about germs. Not so much now. Yeh, still got my sanitizer, but I found out pretty quick if I sanitized her and me every time I thought necessary I'd need a lifesize bottle following me around. Just ain't gonna happen.

I knew Darren would be great, but he has exceeded my expectations. When I'm 30 seconds away from a melt down, he's there. He takes care of her and we share all responsibilities. I could not do this without him.

If I hear one more horn blow I think I'll scream!

I seriously do not know how all you mothers out there manage! I'm amazed by you...honestly I am.

God has proven to me I can trust Him with everything. If anything this trip has caused, no forced me to Trust Him. This is way beyond anything I'm capable of but thru Him I am doing it. Truly I'm living out Philipians 4:19 and that's pretty amazing!!

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  1. Margie,
    Praying for safe travels for you all on your way home. So thankful for the time the Lord gave us together in China!