Monday, December 5, 2011

God's Incredible Mercy....

Two weeks ago Nuan Nuan was taken from the only home she had ever known. She was thrust into a whirlwind of van rides, hotels, strange Americans who kept calling themselves momma and ba ba, planes, trains, paperwork and even a bit of site seeing. She has endured 24 hours of non stop traveling and is in the process of experiencing something called jet lag and there's no way to explain it to her. On top of all that, she has a nasty cold. And yet she still smiles, she still laughs and although she screams louder than any baby I've ever heard when placed in a crib, she's doing a lot better than I ever thought she could. That is God's mercy, kindness, tenderness and love in action. Now that the dust is settling and we are home, I'm having more time to process what we've been through the last two weeks. Being in China, I was in survival/protection mode and I didn't have a whole lot of time to think. But now, I do.'s 1:43 am and jet lag and I are's just like it was in China. Up around 2 am hungry as ever! Anyway...I can't help but marvel at her. Seriously, she is doing a lot better than I am in so many ways. To have her world turned upside down and adjusting as well as she is makes me cry. I cry because I remember her sad little face on gotcha day. She was so scared. She would hardly move! As soon as i held her in my arms, I became so protective of her. We had waited for that day for what had seemed like an eternity. She, however, had no clue. And you could see it in her eyes. Oh how it breaks my heart to remember that. But as we loved her and cared for her, she opened up and let us in. So beautiful it was to watch unfold and how it still unfolds here at home. That will be my fondest memory of China. Her. My sweet daughter and how she decided to let two Americans into her world and love her. And boy do we ever.

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