Thursday, September 29, 2011

angels among us...

This morning started in the usual way. Coffee. Feed kitty. Talk to Jesus. I sat down to do some bookwork and I was looking for my checkbook when I noticed a yellow envelope in my purse. I pulled it out and it had mine and Darren's name on it. I opened it up and...there was a gift and this note that read in part..."please use this in your quest to bring Sophia home".

I honestly have no idea who put it in there...but whoever you are, you have done something that will never, ever be forgotten. For you see, when we started on this journey, we knew the finances would be more than we could handle. We knew God would have to make it happen and we decided early on to trust in Him and watch Him do it. You, my friend, have been used by Him to help us bring our little one home. How can I thank you? I really can't...there are no words that I can put together in a sentence that would ever express how I am feeling in my heart right now. Just know that this one act of kindness and unselfishness has increased my faith today. I will cherish the note you wrote forever...and one day when Sophia is faced with a challenge that requires a mountain of faith, I will sit her down and tell her the story of how God moved mountains and performed miracles just to bring us together. Forever.

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