Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's really happening...

We are going to China! And will come back as a family of three. Wow. I can't breathe.

OK. Breathing now.

We've been cabled...that means USCIS emailed the US Consulate in China the information of our approval. Next we wait on the Article 5. My last post explains what that is. And then my friends, we wait for TA. After that, one more step...the consulate appointment... and we will be on our way!!!

Breathe Margy, breathe...


  1. only a matter of time!! can't believe you are finally at this point!!!!! YAY!!! cheering you on from Alabama:) Jennifer

  2. It will NOT be LONG now!!!!!! So excited! Thinking of you guys! Great to talk the other day. Mel

  3. I, too, am having to remember to BREATHE!! I can't believe the time is SO near!