Tuesday, November 15, 2011


we have been shown an abundance of kindness throuhgout our journey. if ever anyone doubted the existance of angels on earth, have them come and talk to me. we'll spend hours talking about my experiece with angels among us. to the angels who have blessed us in so many wonderful, delicious ways...thank you!!! we love and appreciate you more than you will ever know :)

so the time has come where we are days away from leaving and setting foot in a country where i never thought i'd visit. when i was a little girl, i saw a special on tv about adoption. i sat there and cried and cried. little did i know God was preparing my heart for what would take place years (and years) later. there's always been this unsettledness inside me...like i knew there was something i should be doing, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. it would concern me because i knew with Christ, He would be my fulfillmet. i just felt like there was something i was missing. something He wanted me to do and i was missing it. so i did what i thought He was calling me to. i worked at a christian radio station. and that's where i met this tall drink of water one day and fell in love. from there we traveled and sang and ministered to hurting people. and still...that feeling was still there. and then, one day on my front porch, God showed me through His word the missing piece. the miracle of adoption. the call of love. my call. it's not everybody's call (although I do feel we have responsibility to care for orphans and widows...it's in His Word), but it was mine and Darren's call. everything at that point made perfect sense to me...but it would also require an extraordinary amount of faith...faith i did not and do not have. to this day i do not have it...but it is growing. with each step we would take, i would see God work and my faith would grow. Oh dear reader...there is so much i want to tell you this morning...there are 4 huge miracles God has pulled off during this process (the latest being yesterday!!)...but right now is not the time. There will come a day though when I will share and i can't wait to do that!!!!!!!! i pray our journey will inspire those who are called to step out in faith do what HE has CALLED you to do. No...it won't be easy. it'll be so hard you will want to give up. but trust HIM. do not trust in horses or chariots or your bank account or what the unbelievers in your life may say...trust in HIM. the One who has called you to what will be the greatest adventure of your life!!! saddle up!


  1. So excited for both of you as you make this journey to receive you precious child. My prayers are with you and I know it will be an amazing trip!! Brings so many sweet memories of our trip 7 years ago to bring our angel home :)

    Lori and Abigail Oakley

  2. I just came across your blog on RQ. I just want to thank you for these BEAUTIFUL words. This adoption journey has not only been thrilling, it has strengthened my faith, love and trust in HIM. Again, thanks for those words. Blessings to you all as you journey to this little one!