Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One year

One. Year. I can't believe it. To say this year has been a beautiful challenge would be an understatement. I didn't have a clue what motherhood was all about until November 21, 2011 when NuanNuan walked into that office building in Nanjing. At that very moment, I became protector, provider, nurturer...a Mommy. Something clicked in me and I have never looked back. With that being said, I have also felt like a complete and utter failure so many times. She didn't come with a manual and it didn't matter how many books I read...none of them could have prepared me for a strong-willed toddler that would fight for herself. No matter what. Couple that with the fact that she had no idea what we were saying, was terrified we would leave her and, well, you can just imagine. It has taken patience, love and lots and lots sacrifice. And been worth every second. Every mom reading this knows exactly what I mean. I have had the blessed priveledge of watching her blossom. It has been a slow bloom, but bloom she has. And What a personality she's got! One of my favorite things about her is her laugh. She laughs a lot now...everything is funny. At one point she cried most of the time. All she wanted me to do was hold her. And I did. I threw out my shoulder I held her so much. But I didn't care. She needed to be held. So I gave her what she needed. I started to notice the biggest changes in her once we could communicate. And now, she understands just about everything we say. Which could be a bad thing at times! She can count to 20, knows her ABC's, can spell her name, can cuss me out in Chinese, or at least that what it sounds like, and has finally (this happened this week) realized that when I leave the house, I do come back. She says that all the time now, "see...I came back!" We are still waiting for her to realize that I'll come back when she's in Sunday School, though. It'll come soon enough I'm sure. She loves Krispy Kreme donuts, mandarin oranges and potato salad; to swing at the park; Jesse, Woody, and Buzz; to hug and give kisses, and sweet tea. Within the last month I have noticed that she is relaxing more and just being a kid. It's amazing to watch. And something I'm so thankful for. She's also learning about Jesus, which to me, is the most important gift I could give her. There will come a day when I get to sit down with her and explain to her how God uniquely brought our family together. And how God adopted us into His family, loving us and making us His kids. We were all orphans, but orphans no more because of Love. His love. And on this Thanksgiving Eve and Sophia Nuan Li's Gotcha Day, that's what I'm most thankful for. It's because of His love my daughter is here. It's because of His love I'm His daughter. His adopted daughter. And that is just Simply Divine.


  1. Happy one year anniversary to you! Can you believe we have hit this milestone already? I hope the the things you have learned along the way have grown you closer to your daughter and to the Lord. You are a beautiful mamma and I know that Sophia is quite blessed to have you! Love you and we celebrate with you today for the gift of our children!!!

    1. Thank you so much Michele. Yes, the Lord has taught me so much. It's been so overwhelming at times and I am so thankful for His mercy, love, forgiveness and grace. We love y'all and your sweet family. :)

  2. Happy Family Day! I was thinking of you guys as we celebrated with Kai this year - what a year is right!
    So thankful that we got to share a memorable Thanksgiving dinner at McDonald's in Nanjing with you -- even more thankful that we are home this year with our precious ones.
    God is so good!